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Funboat makes debut in Munich ISPO 2003

Is it a surfboard ? Looks like two of them welded together in an īHī shape. This new concept of a lightweight water sport boat, called the Surfglider ® , made itīs debut in Munich.

The Surfglider® which has been developed for over 10 years and patented by the German inventor Hanno Würzburg, is incredible: New safe speed for everyone on every water. This is safe race technologie feeling in common freetime for two persons and a children.

The special frame construction Conectory® supports the swaying of surfboards against the curves automatically together with the steering of the motor by a comfortable wheel.

Weighting no more than 100 kg and consisting of two common surfbords arranged together with a stainless steel frame, either with a single or a two-seater, and a steering wheel, an outboard motor and throttle, the Surfglider comes in three versions with two kind of seats, and will retail complete from 5 to 8 thousand Euro.

With a normal fuelled motor of 35 hp engine, the boat is capeble of speeds of upto 100kmph. More motor than boat, thatīs Surfglider® !

The solar powered battery-operated version is useful on no propulsion waters and gives families new freetime fun. Itīs easy demanteling of the small parts is devoleped for storing it in common roof boxes and also in the winter time.

"It is different from a jetski because it offers more comfortable seating and uses less petrol.

While in the jetski you sit as on a motorcycle, here you sit side by side on ergonomic seats or on a bench," said Mr Würzburg," and you will never fall out or throw over with this boat."

"The advantage of the Surfglider® is that no trailer or hook is needed. It can be dismantled in 15 minutes an transported on the roof or holder of the car."

Introduced this year in the German home market, the solar powered type being environmentally friendly is used for pleasure rides on lakes in Germany. Race sports over 100mph technologie will be a further part of future developing. Also a compatible flight system optional. So this boat could also be an ultra weight.

This Surfglider® has been put through decent tests and adberes to all to all german safty rules and standards. It is the most safe, fastest and freetime ideal watercraft ever seen.

Already, some Surfglider® have been sold to the Maledives, Dominican Republic, Dubai and a lot of European States. The company is looking for clients such as beach hotels, rent stations, holiday clubs and private watersportsmen with new intentions.

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